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Optimize Your Resumé for Best Search Results

If you are looking to get noticed in a job market where Resumés are piled high in human resources offices and job recruiters may each sort through hundreds on any given day, optimizing your Resumé for search may yield some pleasing results.

You might as well get used to the term "keywords." Keywords are usually nouns and verbs people type in that are searched on the Internet to find what they want. On your Resumé, it is best to include action keywords such as "managed," "organized," or "supervised." The more pertinent the keywords are with respect to the position you hope to snare, the more prominent your Resumé will stick out as being relevant to a particular search term.

Here are some commonsense rules to abide by:

  1. Shuffle your keywords around. For instance, if you are looking to land a job in California, make sure you use variations of the term, i.e., "California," the abbreviation "Calif." and the postal code "CA" in different locations on your Resumé.
  2. Putting the word "Resumé" on your Resumé is a simple oversight that can cost you a job interview. Many recruiters search for the term "Resumé" along with your name. Write it at the top of your Resumé so that it gets indexed faster.
  3. Don’t write a Resumé that is too lengthy. An employer might read hundreds of Resumés every day. If you make your Resumé too lengthy, it might it get tossed in the trash.